• Application of the state-of-the-art technology and adaptation to the individual requirements of a Project / Client have been the focus of ARCHGUIDE CONSULTANTS COMMUNE approach to plan, identify and execute solutions within the framework of national policies. This together with the diversity of experience and use of appropriate information technology has enabled us to win the confidence and trust of both the government and private organizations.
  • Advanced computing compatibilities are an integral part of our architectural, planning & engineering services. We are continuously investing our time and resources in using & developing new programmers and applications to back up our professional expertise and had build up a network of micro computers, plotters, laser printers, digitizers and a wide range of software for CAD designing, and multi- media presentation and animations.
  • ARCHGUIDE and were created by Syed Awais Pirzada to bring innovation and art in the concept of urban development and design. With a team of architects, Engineers, Planning & Management experts the teams have completed over 500 mega projects nationwide- besides providing consultancy services to local and international clients.
  • We have designed and undertaken town planning, city & regional planning and urban development planning projects. We specialize in building hotels, universities, office buildings, commercial centers, hospitals as well as research and educational facilities, for private and public sector clients.
  • We also provide services related to design, pre construction procurement and post construction phases of any project.
  • Areas of Operation:

    Architecture, Town Planning Urban Development Construction Management Engineering including Structural Geotech Public Health Transportation contracts Project Management & Landscaping conservation and recycling.
  • Consortium of :

    Over 15 Professional Architects, Engineers, Planners, Horticulturalist, Economists & financial analyst etc.
  • Major Projects :

    Hospitals, Industries, Commercial Plaza, Library Halls, Apartments, School, Office Building Messes and Residential Houses Commercial and Rehabilitation.
  • Clientele :

    Government / Public Organizations International Funding Agencies and Private Enterprises.